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Memories are timeless treasures of the life


“All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Valuable information:

  • To book session we require non-refundable deposit of £30. The £50 need to be paid at the session day.
  • This payment of £80 will be deducted of your chosen package at the viewing day.
  • After session within 10 working days you will receive a link to an online gallery with password and you will make final selection.
  • Selected images from your session will be loaded on the diamond heart USB stick. Within 15 working days from our session all your images, complimentary personalised birth record will be printed and ready for collection. Number of images and size depended of your chosen package.
  • We will post one or two images on our Fan page.
  • Images are hi resolution and will print just fine. For large wall prints, we do suggest ordering from our studio to guarantee quality.



  • 10 high resolution digital files on the crystal sapphire heart usb stick
  • 10 complimentary prints 6”x 4”
  • *Availability of purchasing additional products



  • 15 high resolution digital files on the golden diamond heart usb stick
  • 15 complimentary prints 8”x 6”
  • *Availability of purchasing additional products



  • 25 high resolution digital files on the golden diamond heart usb stick
  • 25 complimentary prints 8”x6”
  • PHOTO ALBUM*Availability of purchasing additional products